December 18, 2015

A+ After school program


Safe and having Fun !

 Until you pick up your child(ren)

TAEGEUK MUSA MARTIAL ARTS A+ After School Program gives parents peace of mind with quality childcare.
Until you pick up your child(ren), they learn Taekwondo and self defense, respect for self and others, valuable time management skills, make and keep friends, having fun and release stress.
You can focus on your work knowing that your child(ren) is safe with experienced Instructors. When you pick up your child(ren), they will have learned something new and grown from the day’s lessons.

taekwondo A+ program      taekwondo-program-class-2--taegeuk-musa-martial-arts-usa

If you need more information, please contact us!

Phone : 319-651-9115 / 319-651-8862

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