December 21, 2015

Hapkido (self-defense)

HAPKIDO, the art of self-defense

hapkido in korean hangeul

Hapkido is a self-defense system of martial art and means the harmony of energy. throws and joint locks which use the science and mechanics of the body. These joint locks use the natural design of the body against itself to neutralize an attacker regardless of the opponent’s size and strength in order to stop an aggressive action.

Students will also learn how to fall and flip, so that students can land from throws without getting hurt.

“Hapkido is great for developing self-control, focus and the mind.”

Hapkido or hap ki do, is a Korean martial art that uses various technical fighting methods and traditional weapons like sword, rope, knife, jool bong wich is the well known nunchaku… Hapkido also bases its practice on a metabolic boost knowledge of the human body allowing both physical and psychological apprehension and energy of the combat. HAPKIDO is also great for developing self-control, focus and the mind.

Hapkido promotion test in March 2016

Hapkido class taegeuk musa martial arts usaTaegeuk Martial Arts USA Hapkido is a combination of both traditional and modern styles of Hapkido. Hapkido can be very dangerous for developing muscles and bones therefore, there is an age requirement of 14 years old and older. But don’t worry, we are here to look after you and help you learn hapkido in a safe way !


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