January 10, 2016

Martials Arts Weapons

Martial arts weapons

In TAEGEUK MUSA MARTIAL ARTS dojang, we also teach you how to use martial arts weapons. Martials arts weapons are taught as part of taekwondo and hapkido classes.

Taegeuk Musa teaches a variety of martial arts weapons including :

  • Bo staff
  • Cane
  • Sword
  • Nunchaku (or nun-chucks)

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BO STAFF is a long stick which can be used with strikes, spins and thrusts.

The CANE is used as an unexpected, but effective self-defense weapon.

The SWORD is a traditional weapon using strikes, slashes and thrusts.

NUNCHAKU are a good weapon to support hand blocks and strikes, it uses fast and impressive techniques.


Are you ready to study martial arts weapons ?