Taekwondo classes returning with new safety measures shown on TV

Taegeuk Musa Martial Arts school is glad to inform you that the school is now open! We are ready to safely offer you taekwondo lessons and also Hapkido / Self Defense lessons.

We are working very hard to keep everyone’s health in check. This would have never happened if we did not have our AMAZING TAEGEUK MARTIAL ARTS FAMILIES!

Taekwondo classes with new safety measures

For safety reasons, the taekwondo and hapkido lessons are at the moment non-contact, so there’s no sparring for now. The kids in the class can still learn some of the basic techniques like how to throw punches and kicks.

Class sizes are limited to eight and each students stays apart from each other on the mats… On their side, the instructor wears a face shield and teaches behind a glass. And of course, we wipe down everything between classes.

Taegeuk Musa Martial Arts school is on the TV news!

You want to see by yourself our Taekwondo classes with new safety measures in action? Check out this article and the video that talks about us on www.kcrg.com news.

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