May 1, 2015


Taegeuk Martial Arts USA address and contact informations in Coralville, IA

Are you interested in learning a martial art like Taekwondo, Hapkido, Self-defense or any other martial arts on your free time in Iowa ?
We have flexible schedule for you, your family or your friends to start learning and have fun !


Address : 2180 Norcor Ave. Suite A, Coralville,
IA 52241 USA

Phone : 319-651-9115

Email :

Other Taegeuk martial arts USA institutes

221 First St. NE Mount Vernon, Iowa 319-651-2279

525 13th St. Wellman IA 319-350-7957

3 thoughts on “CONTACT

  • Hi Master Seol
    Awesome site.
    For Programs – how about adding “Self Defense Seminars” and discuss can do for groups. You also mentioned activities for elderly – great idea. Finally, how about “Landing Seminars” or falling training for young and old?

  • I am super interested in learning more about this school. I actually used to practice Taekwondo at a place in Coralville that used to be Kangs martial arts. I made it up to brown belt. I have been out of it for probably 4-5 years now though and would like to try and get back involved with Taekwondo. What are your prices and class times for someone like me, a 36year old adult female. Thanks and I look forward to hearing more.

    • Kelly,
      Master Seol will contact you today about classes if you are still interested. We are sorry for the late response and hope you are still wanting to continue your Taekwondo Training ma’am. Please feel free to contact me today and I can help you as well ma’am.

      Master Nick Messersmith
      The University of Iowa Taekwondo
      Iowa City Parks and Rec Taekwondo
      President of The Midwest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference

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